A panel of researchers and educators discuss the future of STEM pedagogy at Inspirefest 2017.

At Inspirefest 2017, Silicon Republic CEO Ann O’Dea sat down with Dr Arlene O’Neill of Trinity Walton Club, Prof Lisa Looney of Dublin City University and Peter Brown from the Irish Research Council, to discuss how we can bring diversity into the various fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Brown focused on the importance of interdisciplinary research to attract the cream of the crop: “We need to inspire the next generation to be at the forefront of their fields.”

O’Neill spoke about the necessity of quotas to ensure equal opportunities in education, while Looney highlighted the importance of getting kids intrigued by STEM subjects at an early age.

“Unless you light that fire of excitement in six-year-olds … you’re not going to have an 18-year-old to attract into the engineering world.”

Words by Shelly Madden