A panel of leading lights in the Irish technology scene met up at a ‘Start-up Gathering' event recently to discuss the trials and tribulations of starting a business, with valuable life lessons for all.

Touching on topics across things like workforce break down, funding and even the Irish web-enabled landscape, Ireland was spoke of as an ideal hub for early stage companies.
Getting the work/life balance right, for example, is key however you shouldn’t view both aspects in competition with each other – and worrying about funding should be a result, rather than a pursuit.
“It’s all about keeping it in context,” said Joan Mulvihill, CEO of the Irish Internet Association.
“We need to go back to the core principles of running businesses. Graduation day from incubators is called ‘Investor Day’, but you don’t celebrate ‘First Customer Day’.
“You need to stick to what is core. How am I delivering real value to my customers. If you get that you are infinitely more attractive to investors.”
Words by Gordon Hunt