We choked down a sweaty tube of eggs from a pungent vertical grill – for science!

The infamously horrifying Egg Master came to our attention earlier this summer but it was only when TodayFM’s Anton Savage Show ‘kindly’ offered us one for review that we stepped up to the plate – literally.

Our worst fears were realised on opening the box of this used Egg Master only to be hit by an overwhelming odour. But we (egg and) soldiered on.

The Egg Master looks good as kitchen appliances go, but what comes out of it certainly does not. While the eggs are edible, the unappetising appearance and unholy smell are too much to overcome.

What’s more, you can cook much better eggs much faster using your good old pots and pans.

Our verdict: two thumbs down and a lingering smell we are fighting to remove from our office.

Words by Elaine Burke