EMC, which employs more than 3,000 people in Ireland, has developed a state-of-the-art innovation platform called INFINITE, specifically designed for industrial internet of things (IoT) development, from its Cork-based Centre of Excellence in partnership with Vodafone Ireland.

Both EMC and Vodafone jointly invested €2m in the testbed. This is the first large-scale Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) approved industrial IoT innovation platform in Europe. It has been supported by the Department of Jobs through IDA Ireland.

“EMC Federation is leading an industrial partnership encompassing rich data and internet of things,” says Dr Orna Berry, EMC’s corporate vice president of innovation.

“The digital age’s IT transformation — cloud, big data, social, mobile and internet of things — is continuously and increasingly changing the way we live and work.

“EMC Federation and Ireland’s Centres of Excellence are excited to take a dynamic and influential part in this important eventuation with the creation of the INFINITE innovative IoT platform.”