Enterprise Ireland's Leo Clancy discussed the agency's end-of-year results for 2023, while APC's Mark Barrett shared his company's ambitious expansion plans.

2023 was an exciting year for Enterprise Ireland, as it reported a record number of jobs despite various global hardships.

The state agency revealed that employment among its client companies reached more than 225,000 last year, the highest ever reported and an increase of 15,530 jobs over 2022.

Enterprise Ireland CEO Leo Clancy told SiliconRepublic.com that the agency is “delighted” to see the jobs spread across Ireland, as 68pc of the new jobs are based outside of Dublin. The largest percentage increase was seen among climate, sustainability and agritech companies.

“We’ve seen climate-tech companies do really well last year, companies like Xerotech, Xocean, who are specialists in the decarbonisation and climate solution deployment space are growing very strongly,” Clancy said. “We expect that to continue.”

The results were revealed at APC and VLE’s campus in Cherrywood, Dublin, where the life sciences company announced 300 jobs and a major €100m expansion. CEO and co-founder Mark Barrett shared excitement about what he expects to be the “largest pharmaceutical research campus in the country”.


Words by Leigh Mc Gowran