This year’s Enterprise Ireland Start-up Showcase presented a new batch of high-potential start-ups to watch in Ireland. Niall McEvoy tells us what they can learn from past examples.

“Enterprise Ireland has been in the business of supporting start-ups for decades now,” said Niall McEvoy, before highlighting some examples from the agency’s high-potential start-up (HPSU) programme that have lived up to expectations.

HPSU manager McEvoy is part of the team at Enterprise Ireland seeking out start-ups that can create 10 jobs or generate €1m in sales within three years. Three recent picks – Flipdish, Brightflag and Glofox – have done just that and more.

These start-up success stories feed back into the HPSU programme, providing guidance for the class of 2021.

“[We] use that alumni to support the existing entrepreneurs,” said McEvoy. “And we have lots of experienced development advisers in the team who have been on this journey on multiple occasions with lots of clients. There’s tons and tons of experience there. There’s hundreds of alumni that we’ve learned from.”


Words by Elaine Burke