At Future Human 2022, Aon’s Eric Andersen discussed how business leaders can mitigate some of the challenges of the future.

Aon president Eric Andersen joined Future Human curator Ann O’Dea for a fireside chat about the future of leadership.

Andersen told O’Dea that his goal at Aon was creating a “world-class, client advisory firm”.

“We’ve historically been involved in the subject matter of risk. Which, as you sit here today and you think about the world and where we are and where the next 10 years are going, [are] really critical topics for all of our clients.”

While he has embraced technology as a way of connecting with his team all over the world, he is keen that the human interaction element of being a leader should not be lost to tech in a remote future.

“Whether you schedule everybody on the same day, whether you do it by teams, we’re trying all of that. But underlying it is a desire from our people to connect more with each other.

“And certainly, having grown up in the firm, I know the value of that interaction together, when you’re problem-solving and when you’re talking about issues or learning about things. It does help to have that human connectivity. And so we’re trying to figure out what the right balance of that is.”


Words by Blathnaid O’Dea