The talent acquisition team at Fidelity Investments discusses the qualities that they look for in a candidate, and give advice for potential applicants.

It’s always beneficial to know what kind of attributes a company is looking for when applying for a job with them. However, sometimes this is not so clear and can be difficult to predict. recently spoke to the talent acquisition team at Fidelity Investments about what sort of traits they look for in a candidate. Among the most desired attributes were a growth mindset, the ability to adapt easily and a start-up mindset with an enterprise background. The team also emphasised the importance of integrity, as honesty and strong moral values are highly valued at the company.

While speaking to the team, we learned about some of the supports that Fidelity offers its employees, including on-demand platforms, professional qualifications and communities of practice, as well as an annual accreditation programme and a generous pension scheme.

As for advice for potential job applicants, the talent acquisition team advised candidates to have an up-to-date CV, the ability to successfully articulate experiences listed (with a preference for quality over quantity) and not to shy away from sharing negative experience as well, as this can be used to show how a candidate has learned and adapted as a result.


Words by Colin Ryan