attended HP Ireland’s The Future is Now event to get an insight into the technology company’s latest hybrid working solutions.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seemed possible that workers would never return to offices. However, in recent months, major tech companies including Twitter and Google have been rolling back on their remote working policies. Is hybrid working now set to become the new ‘new normal’?

According to Val Gabriel, managing director of HP Ireland, “hybrid is here to stay”. He believes that hybrid working offers a good balance of “face-to-face meetings [and] real, human interaction” with the flexibility to avoid the commute sometimes.

At their recent The Future is Now event, HP Ireland showcased their hybrid working solutions to partners and clients. They highlighted a number of technological innovations to make hybrid working more efficient for workers and more secure for companies.

For David Prezzano, HP managing director for the Northwest Europe market, not only does hybrid working provide a better work-life balance for employees, it also helps companies meet their sustainability objectives.

Hybrid solutions are a key piece of HP’s environmental impact strategy. In 2021, HP launched their Amplify Impact initiative, which “helps us work as a team with our partner community to really advance our cause towards improving environmental impact and sustainability impact,” Prezzano explained.


Words by Rebecca Graham