Avanade Ireland’s Alex Ferreira spoke to Siliconrepublic.com about the growing trend of hybrid working and what employers need to consider right now.

Hybrid working is slated to become a major part of the new world of work. But what does that mean for employers?

Alex Ferreira, director of modern workplace at Avanade Ireland, said companies need to think about employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

“How do we embrace things like flexible work hours? How do we enable or empower people to choose their own best time for them to accomplish their work in the way that suits them best?,” he said.

“I think employees will be empowered to work from where it suits them best and then coming together when it makes sense, maybe to do some brainstorming, maybe to do some collaborative work that is more productive if people are face to face in a room with all the necessary technologies and spaces.”


Words by Jenny Darmody