Gerry Ellis told the Inspirefest crowd that although new technology is exciting, people with disabilities often get left out of the conversation.

AI, data analytics, IoT – these are all major technological advances that could be used to improve our world. While many technologists and developers get caught up in consistently innovating, though, one thing is often forgotten.

Accessibility consultant Gerry Ellis, who is also a software engineer at Bank of Ireland, told the Inspirefest 2018 audience that in this mobile-first age, those with disabilities can be left behind.

It is vital in his view that developers have inclusion at the forefront of their minds. “Technicians cut code, develop GUIs, create APIs. They develop all this technological stuff. When push comes to shove, technologists are changing the lives of people.

“They can change them for ill or for good, and it takes very little to move from one to the other.”


Words by Ellen Tannam