Want to know what Voxpro is looking for in its employees?

Now trading as ‘Voxpro – powered by Telus International’, Cork firm Voxpro is looking for a wide variety of candidates.

“We do everything from customer service support, tech support [to] fintech support, which is something that’s quite new and exciting here at Voxpro,” said Sean Cotter, senior operations manager at Voxpro.

“We try to match our roles to the individual and what they’re best suited to,” he said.

Partner onboarding coordinator Carlynn McCarthy said there are always opportunities to grow within the company, citing her own experience of starting at entry level in August 2015.

“I’ve worked my way up to my current role in the project management department so that’s proof that if you work hard and you work well, the company does recognise that.”

Words by Jenny Darmody