Heather Melville offers frank answers on her experience of being a minority in the workplace and how the game is changing for diversity and inclusion.

Heather Melville, director of client experience at PwC UK, joined Inspirefest founder Ann O’Dea for a straight-talking discussion on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Hosted during the Inspirefest Leaders’ Lunch at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, this ‘fireside chat’ reflected on Melville’s career – which has spanned four decades – and examined how workplaces have changed in the name of progress, as well as highlighting the work that still needs to be done.

Melville has seen this progress first-hand. During her 17 years at Royal Bank of Scotland, she said, “We got one of our first investors that picked us because of our gender policy. [That] is a real-life story of your investors looking at you and deciding whether or not they will invest in you or do business with your company based on some of the things that you’re doing in this space.”


Words by Elaine Burke