At a discussion about a Magna Carta for data, Dr Heike Felzmann discusses the trust and responsibility behind big data practices.

Any rulebook should be transparent and interactive, Felzmann argues, tying both the actors and innovators behind big data projects into a mutual understanding of how services work, and whether they are desirable in society.

“I think a Magna Carta for data shouldn’t just be focused on individual rights in relation to data but also… those who deal with the data and develop those innovations, how do they include the concerns that society might have about that,” says Felzmann.

Is there any way in which we could add to a Magna Carta to provide structures that allow engagement across the creation and reception of services?

Felzmann hopes so, although for that to happen she accepts much more discussions are needed.’s Data Science Week brings you special coverage of this rapidly growing field from 28 September to 2 October 2015. Don’t miss an entry worth your analysis by subscribing to our news alerts or following @siliconrepublic and the hashtag #DataScienceWeek on Twitter.

Words by Gordon Hunt