HybridConf, a conference for designers, developers and makers, took over the Helix in Dublin from 20 to 21 August.

The aim of HybridConf was to bring designers and developers together and get them talking in a friendly, welcoming environment.

“I started it because I didn’t find there were any conferences for people like myself,” said event founder Zach Inglis.

“I found it wasn’t very easy to get into if you’re a newcomer, so I wanted a conference that was very welcoming, there were no VIPs and everyone just really felt comfortable and nice to be here.”

Carl Smith, co-founder of nGen Works, served as the event MC, and speakers included Jake Giltsoff, a designer and developer with Adobe Typekit; Scott Riley, Pact Coffee’s UI lead; and Karolina Szczur, lead interface designer and developer at &yet.

Words by Elaine Burke