As worldwide solution leader for internet of things (IoT) at IBM, Claire Penny finds ways to transform data into valuable insights – much like a famous supercomputer.

At the Tyndall Technology Days 2016 event in Croke Park, Claire Penny explained how data collected from the internet of things can have a transformative impact on industries such as healthcare and construction, particularly when paired with the analytical power of a supercomputer like IBM’s Watson.

“Every ounce of data we can get, we feed into Watson and then Watson starts to learn,” said Penny. And who wouldn’t want a doctor’s assistant that can revise countless clinician records, medical journals and external conference proceedings, and then come up with some recommendations?

However, even with all of its powerful data-led insight, it’s not likely that you will be booking an appointment to see ‘Dr Watson’ any time soon.

“I don’t think, in my lifetime, that you will ever see robots replacing that side of life,” said Penny.

Words by Elaine Burke