At Inspirefest 2016, founder Ann O’Dea sat down with Outbox Incubator alumni to talk careers and coding.

Young entrepreneurs Vanessa Greene, Elle Loughran, Edel Browne and Niamh Scanlon each spoke about their respective pursuits in the STEM industry. The young women are perfect role models to their peers, encouraging them to embrace their inner nerd and overcome any obstacles in pursuing a career in STEM.

As Elle Loughran explained, “People tend to think of science as just a body of facts, which is sad because the real fun in science is finding out new things.”

Their experiences highlight the importance of creating a community for young women in science, with facilities such as CoderDojo classes, to hone valuable skills for future employment.

Mentor and founder of Outbox Incubator, Mary Carty, agreed with the need for a collaborative space, saying: “Some of our talents lie in many other areas, but we need everyone together to make whatever we want to do possible.”

Words by Shelly Madden