Ireland has been selected as the latest location for Intel’s internet of things Innovation & Development Ignition Lab.

The aim of the lab is to collaborate with local companies to develop technologies for the internet of things (IoT), and collaborations are already underway that will see Dublin become the world’s first truly internet of things city. The lab is already collaborating with established Irish brands like Kingspan, Keenans and Glen Dimplex, to name but a few.

Jones said that Intel is hard at work making the IoT happen, firstly through chips like the Quark processor and the Galileo dev board, but also through gateways that are plug-and-play and easy to use.

“This is the perfect storm. The key to the internet of things is creating end-to-end solutions that solve problems at the end of the day. However, right now 85pc of deployed systems are disconnected from the internet. The internet of things gateway is the first step to connect sensors with the internet and cloud. We will have to create horizontal standards-based solutions for the industry. That is going to take all of us working together to achieve this reality.”