Digital Realty sales director Gary Keogh explains why Digital Realty is expanding its data centre facilities at Profile Park in west Dublin as part of a major €150m investment.

As part of a €150m investment, which was first announced last year, Digital Realty will add approximately 10,000 sq ft of data centre technical space to complement its current and fully-occupied approximately 10,000 sq ft data centre hall at Profile Park in Dublin.

The expansion will complete the first data centre facility at the campus, still leaving green field space for future data centre builds.

Profile Park is a modern business park near Dublin’s city centre and Digital Realty’s data centre campus boasts high-speed connectivity and network access to the US, UK and Europe. The centre is also located alongside global technology leaders like Microsoft and Google. The data centre campus is being developed in

compliance with BREAM standards. The site has secured supply agreements for power from 100pc renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro.

Words by John Kennedy