It is likely that the pace of innovation by digital and pharma players will outpace most nations? abilities to provide the healthcare that citizens will expect, says the managing director of Accenture?s global healthcare business Dr Kaveh Safavi.
New devices as part of the internet of things revolution (IoT) and improvements in communications will hopefully relieve pressure on most nations? crumbling healthcare infrastructure, resulting in greater levels of homecare and access to medical specialists.
Safavi also revealed that every nation?s perception that healthcare systems in other countries are better than their own is relative ? all nations are struggling with bureaucracy, budgets and outdated systems.
Safavi is responsible for developing and driving a growth strategy that differentiates Accenture’s offerings for providers, health insurers and public and private health systems across the globe.
He joined Accenture from Cisco in 2011 where he led the global healthcare practice.