Data centres are the engine rooms of our cloud age, but to design them, build them and kit them out is a mammoth and highly detailed task, says Interxion’s Miriam van Kooperen.

Interxion is a leading provider of colocation data centre services across Europe, supporting more than 1,600 customers in more than 40 data centres.

Spearheading the procurement of the materials, equipment and more for each and every design and build is Miriam van Kooperen, European procurement and vendor manager at Interxion.

“The equipment that we see as critical data centre equipment, in that we are buying directly, we can divide it into two categories: the mechanical and the electrical equipment,” Van Kooperen explained.

She continued: “The details and specifications are done by our engineering department, also based in our headquarters in Amsterdam, together with the engineers that we are using in the different countries. The requirements are sent to our preferred suppliers and they come back to us with their quotes on this – and based on that we decide where we buy which equipment.”


Words by John Kennedy