Ireland has numerous competitors on the global scene when it comes to attracting businesses. According to Leo Clancy, head of technology at IDA Ireland, the internet of things (IoT) sphere is one that the country can dominate.

The global value of the IoT sector is predicted to exceed €34bn a year by 2020, with an expectation that 4.9bn devices will be connected in 2015, rising to 25bn by 2025.

Through evolution, design and policy – as well as an abundance of raw talent – IoT portends the dawn of a new industrial revolution.

In general, Clancy thinks Ireland’s offering is such that testing in the country is a no-brainer. Calling Ireland “small enough to trial, large enough to prove”, he thinks the test bed examples already in place show that.

One of the main obstacles facing the whole world when it comes to IoT creation and implementation is the supply of skilled engineers.

In Ireland that is also true, though Clancy sees changes afoot.

Words by Gordon Hunt