Agile Networks’ managing director Darragh Richardson warns that many Irish firms are underprepared for cyberattacks.

Richardson said that, last year, almost 50pc of businesses in Ireland were hit by some form of DDoS (distributed-denial-of-service) attack.

Headquartered in Dublin, Agile Networks was founded in 2011 to build and support IT networks for the public and private sector.

“In terms of security threats, we annually survey customers and 46pc of them reported DDoS was an actual security event in the last 12 months. It is a very clear and present danger.

He said that while cybersecurity was high on the CIO agenda and is operationally becoming more and more prevalent in customer networks, firms are still underprepared.

“30pc of customers have budget set aside for DDoS attacks, so even though 50pc have succumbed to DDoS attacks, less than a third are prepared.”

Words by John Kennedy