Jeanne M Sullivan, founder of StarVest Partners, gave quite the performance at Inspirefest 2016, telling us why ‘weed’ is so hot right now for investors and why they need to be more like Wonder Woman.

With over 35 years of experience “working their tails off”, Sullivan said baby boomers are not looking to hand over the reins to millennials just yet, resulting in the experienced economy.

This isn’t about creating a divide between baby boomers and millennials however. Rather, the two generations need to work together for both of them to achieve mutual benefits.

This, of course, isn’t an easy solution – it requires a complete update in thinking across both generations. Sullivan used the terms ‘refire’ and ‘rewire’, to describe this, but certainly not ‘retire’.

Based on what Sullivan was saying on stage, this rewiring and refiring is a total change of mind needed for baby boomers who might think that at the later points in their lives, they suddenly think they are too old to do something new.

“Are you kidding me?” Sullivan said. “I’ve had that said by men who are CEOs of companies, so understanding how to leverage your incredible superpowers is so important.”

Words by Colm Gorey