How is Kemp Technologies helping its employees feel happy, productive and motivated? We talked to some people at its Limerick office to learn more.

What are some of the measures a company can take to cultivate an authentically positive culture, where staff feel motivated and engaged?

We asked a number of employees at Kemp Technologies in Limerick, and they explained the supports their company provides in such areas as health and wellbeing, teamwork, and helping staff that are relocating.

Its financial aid, flexible working hours and “positive atmosphere” allow staff to make real steps towards achieving a good work-life balance, according to marketing executive Tarek Aghenda.

Meanwhile, inside sales representative Katherine Cardozo Arévalo said that Kemp is a place in which “you can go to anyone and ask, if you have any questions, no matter the position or the role they have in the company”.


Words by by Lisa Ardill