Academics and researchers look back on the inaugural year of the #LoveIrishResearch campaign and its impact.

As the Irish Research Council reports its figures for 2016, we look back at the #LoveIrishResearch campaign launched last January and its impact on the Irish research community in its first year.

Prof Alan Smeaton, director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, noted how the campaign not only raised public awareness of Irish research, but also raised interdisciplinary awareness among researchers themselves.

Dublin City University president Prof Brian MacCraith commended the campaign’s use of social media to increase the profile of Irish research and researchers, something that had a direct impact on Lisa Helen, a PhD researcher at Tyndall National Institute.

“Seeing Irish research popping up on social media that we’re on all the time every day has been great.

“It has really promoted my research,” she said.

Words by Elaine Burke