Whether you’re an individual or a multinational, simplifying a complicated message does not mean you’re dumbing it down, as SNP Communications’ Maureen Taylor explained at Inspirefest 2016.

SNP Communications’ founder and current chief executive, Maureen Taylor, took to the stage at Inspirefest 2016 as part of the Networking and Leadership keynotes, where she laid out many of the mistakes people make when trying to convey a message.

The biggest problem, she said, is that when people have something to communicate, they tend to focus on what they need, and what they need to say to people.

This doesn’t mean that when conveying your message, you shouldn’t have an interest in what you’re saying but, once again citing Aristotle, Taylor said the context of it is crucial.

“In order to be persuasive or meaningful, you have to understand what people are thinking and where they’re coming from,” she said.

“If people are going to listen, they’re going to pay attention and be motivated to action, is that really dumb? Or is that smart?”

Words by Colm Gorey

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