Time Digital president Bharat Krish dialled into Future Human to share his experience of starting TimePieces, an NFT-based Web3 community.

As Web3 communities begin to pop up and discuss the possibilities for the future of the web, Bharat Krish finds himself in the middle of the action.

As president of Time Digital, Krish has been leading a Web3 project called TimePieces. This project aims to highlight NFT artworks by more than 40 artists from around the world.

“Where we started was pretty naive, from a very Web2-centric mindset where we will put something out there with a brand name and somebody’s going to consume it – they’re going to come and get it just because of the brand name,” he told the Future Human 2022 audience on a call from New York.

“We were so wrong. We quickly realised that building this sort of coalescing around the community and shared interest was an important part.”


Words by Vish Gain