NIBRT aims to train the next generation of engineering and biopharma researchers to produce potentially life-saving drugs.

The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) has revealed a new partnership that could help bridge the gap in medication production with a new education centre.

The partnership will see NIBRT team up with Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University to create the Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing, the first and only education and training institute for biopharmaceutical processing in North America.

“Jefferson is built on anticipating the emerging professions that will be commonplace 10 years from now and educating students in those disciplines today,” said Stephen K Klasko, president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.

“In an increasingly global world, Jefferson and NIBRT are leveraging our respective strengths and creatively partnering to bring unprecedented value to students and industry.”


Words by Colm Gorey