As one of the leading internet of things (IoT) centres in the country, the head of the Nimbus Centre in Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Dirk Pesch, sees their testing facilities and European collaboration as some of their key strengths.

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If cities are to thrive as populations grow and more people migrate towards urban areas, the development of tech-infused smart cities is vital to ensure that they are as efficient, clean and livable as possible.

With this in mind, research organisations like the Nimbus Centre are looking to bring the ‘smart’ to smart cities with a range of technologies currently being developed at their high-tech facilities.

One of the centre’s largest facilities is the Litmus Technology Trialling Centre which is a public facility to develop, test, trial and demonstrate applications of energy, water and community technologies.

Speaking to, Pesch explains how the Nimbus Centre is contributing to next-generation technologies both at home and abroad.

Words by Colm Gorey

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