Noeline Kavanagh of Macnas told Inspirefest 2018 attendees about the exciting potential of technology coupled with human creativity.

Creative force Noeline Kavanagh is passionate about performance, storytelling and creating a “glittering oasis of light and dark magic” in her work as artistic director of Macnas.

While imagination is a uniquely human thing, there is room for technology to create new avenues for storytelling and making experiences even more immersive.

According to Kavanagh, using augmented-reality technology and other innovations has been a positive for Macnas and she says that stories can reach more people this way, essentially democratising storytelling and creating thrilling artistic experiences.

While some might wonder how work created and performed by humans could mesh so well with digital technologies, she told the crowd at Inspirefest 2018: “Great ideas are strange.”


Words by Ellen Tannam