headed to PDA Ireland's Visual Inspection event in Cork to see how these gatherings have changed over the years and the strengths of Ireland's pharma sector.

As the Irish pharma sector continues to grow, an event was recently held in Cork to share tips on product investigation, assess the regulatory landscape and network.

This Visual Inspection event was hosted by the Irish chapter of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), a non-profit trade group for pharma and biopharma companies.

Speakers at the event came from multiple leading pharma companies, including MSD, Eli Lilly and Körber Pharma. The event covered key updates in the industry, provided a look at automatic inspection methods and gave attendees chances to speak with industry experts.

Declan Quinlan, the VP of Horizon Therapeutics and former PDA Ireland president, told that the group’s events have grown “dramatically” in the last few years, with a more “professional element” and better engagement with industry stakeholders, such as regulators and SMEs.

“We have people coming from Europe to come to this event, from the US and from Asia and beyond, and that’s significant growth for us versus events we would have ran a number of years ago,” Quinlan said.


Words by Leigh Mc Gowran