NDRC’s Helen Fullen says it is important to enable more peer support and learning to help Irish women entrepreneurs to succeed.

“It is a fact that women are underrepresented in entrepreneurship activities,” Helen Fullen told the Inspirefest 2018 audience.

Fullen explained how along with Sarita Johnston, manager of female entrepreneurship at Enterprise Ireland, and Dr Kristel Miller from the University of Ulster, she embarked on a national online study on the importance of peer support for women entrepreneurs.

“86pc of respondents told us that sharing of knowledge, information, resources was the most valuable aspect of peer support, and that peers help reduce loneliness and offer motivation for higher aspiration.

“We found that peer support had a pronounced personal impact, helping female entrepreneurs to build confidence, develop leadership skills, encourage risk-taking and problem-solving – all of which are prerequisites for business development.”


Words by John Kennedy