PwC’s Aisling Curtis talks to us about the company's investment in strategic alliances and what her team looks for in a candidate.

Gone are the days when workers found a job and stayed in it for life. As people pivot into new sectors and roles, the ability to transfer skills and develop new ones at speed is increasingly important.

To understand more about this challenge, recently visited PwC in Dublin to hear from the strategic alliances team’s newest addition, Aisling Curtis, who told us all about how she is utilising her tech skills in her new market leader role. She also talked about the work being done by her wider team.

Telecoms and tech veteran Curtis says that PwC is making a global investment in strategic alliances, including a $1bn joint investment with Microsoft in generative AI, as well as working with Salesforce and SAP.

“The reason we’re doing this is so that we can help our clients transform at an accelerated pace.”

The strategic alliances team at PwC is also looking to expand and acquire new members, with desirable skills including deep technical expertise, AI skills and curious mindsets.

“It’s a brilliant opportunity to use your skills to bring technology and human-led transformation,” says Curtis, who directs anyone interested in applying for these new roles to the company’s website and social media.


Words by Colin Ryan