‘If you’re early in your career, you want to get as much experience as possible’

1 Dec 2019

Katherine Leenhouts of PwC told us why the company is a great place for anyone who’s just starting out on their career path.

Should you be looking to the likes of PwC when you’re just starting out in your career? According to one of its senior managers in data and analytics, Katherine Leenhouts, the answer is yes. 

“I think if you’re early on in your career, you want to get as much tactical experience as possible. PwC offers experience in a variety of different industries,” she said.

“But beyond that, what I love about our data and analytics team in particular is you get to work with people that are extremely talented in their particular field … If you get stuck on something early on, you’ve got a whole team behind you that can help you figure it out.”

Someone who can have “really interesting conversations with clients” would be welcome at PwC, she added, alongside “a sense of personality”.


Words by Lisa Ardill

Connor McKenna
By Connor McKenna

Connor McKenna is a camera operator, editor and head of the AV department at Silicon Republic. Most likely to be heard saying, "Viral videos make me sick."

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