Media luminary Raju Narisetti on harnessing Wikipedia as a global resource.

Newshounds have a kaleidoscope of choice when it comes to online current affairs sources these days, but this choice comes alongside a growing concern around truth in media. Raju Narisetti, professor of professional practice at Columbia University, told attendees at Inspirefest 2018 about a possible solution he is pretty passionate about: Wikipedia.

With approximately 200,000 editors active on any given day, the site is already set up to become a useful trust indicator for media companies and digital platforms.

Narisetti noted strategies in place to curb harassment and rebuild the site “for inclusivity”. He also praised volunteers who take part in marathon editing sessions to increase the number of women biographies on the site.

With these positive steps, Wikipedia could become the new verification source the world needs.


Words by Ellen Tannam