The Hays Salary Guide 2017 provided some insights into current employee mentality, finding that almost three-quarters of employees intend to change jobs in the next two years.

According to the Hays Salary Guide 2017, almost three-quarters of employees plan to move jobs in the next two years.

While the guide highlighted a lot of positives for the year ahead, including 65pc of employers planning salary increases and 84pc planning recruitment, it also showed a rise in job-hopping.

Allianz HR director Claire Cusack said this has been a growing trend over the last few years. “People are now prepared to move, whereas I think during the crash years, people weren’t inclined to move jobs.”

She also said there is a notable shortage of talent in the IT market.

Richard Eardley, MD for Hays Ireland, said the salary guide highlighted “what’s motivating employees to move, what’s going to attract them to a new job and how employers are responding to that”.

Words by Jenny Darmody