Teagasc researcher Alberto Román Corrochano is going behind the magic of ‘muscle-building’ proteins.

Science Week

Researchfest 2017 finalist Alberto Román Corrochano moved from Spain to Ireland in 2014 to start his PhD on whey proteins, antioxidant activity and bioavailability at the Teagasc Food Research Centre in Fermoy, Co Cork.

Whey proteins were originally seen as an annoying by-product of cheese manufacturing and now there is an entire muscle-building industry built on them. Yet Román Corrochano thinks there’s much more to whey proteins than beefing up biceps and, by tracing their interactions with the small intestine and beyond into the bloodstream, he hopes to discover valuable peptides that can help us stay healthier for longer.

With this research, he aims to learn more about what happens to our organs when they meet with elements of our food, such as whey proteins. According to him, this is where the magic happens!

Words by Elaine Burke