PwC’s Scott Lawson said that pharma companies need to adapt and transform their business models from end to end.

Speaking with at BioPharma Ambition, Scott Lawson said that the pharma industry needs to embrace industry 4.0 for next-generation manufacturing.

Lawson, who is director of pharma and life sciences at PwC UK, said the pharma industry can gain from technologies such as track and trace, 3D printing, cloud, robotics, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

“Big data is the driving force behind industry 4.0,” he said. “Leveraging big data is the key to ensure that we can serve the patient, make sure they have the right drug product that it is personalised to them, but also that we as an industry have controls.

“The level of data integrity is essential, combining elements of blockchain, cybersecurity and working with regulators to get those over the line.”


Words by Elaine Burke