In the second of our new series profiling Ireland’s research leaders, Ann O’Dea spoke to UCC quantum guru Prof Séamus Davis about the potential of quantum computing to change the way tech works forever.

Just last week, scientists at University College Cork (UCC) discovered a new superconductor state that physicists have spent decades searching for. Behind this discovery was a team of researchers including Prof Séamus Davis, perhaps Ireland’s best known quantum expert. CEO and co-founder Ann O’Dea sat down with Davis last month to discuss all things quantum and how it could be a gamechanger in the tech world. Davis was recently awarded the prestigious Buckley Prize in the US for his ground-breaking work on the quantum microscope.

Quantum theory has been around for nearly 100 years and, according to Davis, it is the best theory of fundamental physics ever achieved.

“It’s a pinnacle achievement of the human race. And although many of us don’t realise it, much of our civilisation depends on our control of quantum mechanics already. It’s critically important,” he said.

“It’s only just beginning to grow rapidly now, making new devices that use the special properties of quantum mechanics to do things better and faster than they could ever have been done before.”


Words by Vish Gain