Siemens’ Robert Klaffus tells that the future of energy grids is decentralised and digitised.

Robert Klaffus, senior vice-president of digital grid systems at Siemens, said that if we want our future generations to have a liveable planet, at least similar to what we experienced growing up, then we need to act quickly and decisively.

He points to a future where smart management of loading patterns from residential areas is underpinned by digital substations and a more decentralised energy system powered by renewable generation such as photovoltaic and wind.

In effect, the substations of the future will need to do their part in managing complex power flows while ensuring maximum reliability.

At the heart of this is digitalisation, which will enable the management of complex, decentralised grids and energy systems, the internet of things, and innovative applications and new business models for operators to stay agile.


Words by John Kennedy