As they celebrated their first year of trading, we sat down for a chat with the McGinn sisters – Jennie, Sarah and Grace, founders of innovative online shopping platform Opsh.

In just one year, the site has grown to have 65,000 users and more than 30 featured retailers. Its staff numbers now stand at 15 and it launched into the UK market in September.

Opsh started its journey seven years ago, when the sisters started the blog What Will I Wear Today. About three years ago, they then decided to seriously take up the mantle of running a start-up and took part in the NDRC’s Launchpad programme where they built out the original incarnation of Opsh, a shoppable online magazine called The Prowlster, which they then sold to Sweatshop Media.

The overall plans of the company are ambitous, with the sisters’ declared intention being that Opsh will be one of the top five online shopping destinations for women globally in the next five years.

And, for now, the sisters are confident that they can plot their global dominatation from Dublin.

“I think Opsh HQ will always be here… I think this will always be our main base, sur’ why not?” said Sarah McGinn, who takes on the role of Head or Marketing.

“We found amazing people here in Dublin… and for us there’s so much value in the people here we don’t need to be over there [in the UK],” Grace concluded.

Words by Brigid O Gorman