At Future Human, Slack’s V Brennan discussed careers in tech, her path to leadership and the importance of communication.

“There are so many career opportunities in tech,” said V Brennan, EMEA regional lead for engineering at Slack, during an ask-me-anything session at Future Human 2020.

It took Brennan a few years to carve out her own path. While she had the tech skills, she also had a sense of curiosity and knew she wanted to wanted to work with people, which led her into more leadership roles.

“I realised that [communication] was actually a skill that everybody at the table didn’t have,” she said. “And it turned out that that was actually quite a valuable skillset to be bringing to the table.”

Brennan found that engineering teams also need people who can communicate, collaborate and motivate. “It’s not just about someone who can sit at a keyboard and code,” she added.


Words by Lisa Ardill