A smart bin designed by two Limerick students was one of the winning projects showcased at the BT Young Scientist 2020.

Among the projects at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2020 was Bin Buddy, developed by James O’Malley and Cathal O’Mara of Castletroy College, Co Limerick. The eco-conscious pair designed a smart bin that sorts compost and recyclables into separate bins.

The bin comes equipped with a camera to snap a picture of the waste put on a green pad. That image is then sent to a Raspberry Pi computer and, using image recognition software, can move a chute that separates the waste into different bins.

Eventually, they hope to find ways to allow for the bin to also sort general waste and be solar powered. The project went on to win the runner-up prize in the group category.


Words by Colm Gorey