Philip Bromwell galvanised the Inspirefest 2018 audience to make the most of smartphones by creating moving stories.

Creating, editing and publishing content on a smartphone is Philip Bromwell’s full-time job, but he wants everyone to know just what their digital “Swiss army knife” is capable of accomplishing.

He told the Inspirefest 2018 crowd: “The actual barrier to doing this kind of stuff has never been lower, from newsrooms to other organisations or indeed individual members of the public.”

Bromwell and his team at RTÉ have created a mobile-first workflow, publishing evocative and vital stories that may have otherwise flown under the radar. His motto is simple: “Make me feel, make me think or give the person in it a voice.”

It’s something more people should try, he concluded. “Small stories can have a big impact and they can be done on a small device, and it’s one that all of us in this room probably have.”


Words by Ellen Tannam