Want to work in software engineering? We spoke to some experienced workers in Yahoo to find out some of their top tips and advice.

For those looking to dive into a career as a software engineer, getting advice from those already in the industry is a good place to start.

Chris Madden is a senior principal technical security engineer at Yahoo. He said the most important skills for those coming into the industry are people skills and in particular, the four Cs: communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

“As engineers, we’re designed to solve the problem [and] a lot of the effort and skill goes into understanding the problem.”

Colm Geraghty, a senior principal architect and Yahoo veteran said that those looking to get into the industry should take advantage of any learning and upskilling they can get from the company they’re working for and the people they’re working with.

“You have to treat every day as a school day effectively,” he said. “There’s something new to learn and take advantage of, whatever organisation you’re in.”


Words by Jenny Darmody