In a presentation at Inspirefest 2015, Suraj Shah, the Intel She Will Connect Africa Programmes Manager, showed damning statistics on the underrepresentation of African women using technology, but said it is something that is gradually being changed.

As of now, there are 65m girls across the entire world who are not receiving an education, and, when we’re looking from the perspective of the whole world, women are vastly unrewarded for the amount of work that they do, despite the fact that 60pc of the world’s work and 50pc of the world’s food is produced by women, they still earn 10pc of the income.

This, Shah explained to the crowd at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin, does not have to be the case, and can be helped with the right training and encouragement to show that, by embracing the power of the internet, their lives can be changed immeasurably.