Dublin’s Science Gallery has unveiled its latest exhibition, which may reveal as much about its visitors as it does its secretive subjects.

Secret: Nothing to See Here is the latest exhibition from Science Gallery Dublin, which will explore the social and technological aspects of secrecy through the work of more than 25 artists.

In today’s technology-filled world, secrets can be harder to keep and our notions of security and privacy are in constant flux.

Secret examines this very modern quandary with exhibits such as an ATM protected by a dog that identifies users by their scent, a list of 4m LinkedIn passwords leaked in 2012, notepaper ruled with micro-printed lists of civilian deaths from the Iraq War, and an airport-style security scanner cataloguing the contents of visitors’ pockets.

Opening on Friday, 7 August, Secret will present Science Gallery visitors with an eerie but exciting near-future where technology and privacy collide.