Huawei’s Tony Yangxu and Amárach Research’s Gerard O’Neill spoke to about the importance of tech when it comes to sustainability.

Sustainability is continuing to become a key business consideration for leaders, and many are looking towards emerging technology to help reach sustainability goals.

Earlier this year, Amárach Research and Huawei Ireland released a report that highlighted the technologies that senior decision-makers believe to be critical for sustainability in the next three years.

Gerard O’Neill, chair of Amárach Research, said: “Depending on your sector, you need to be engaged in a conversation with your colleagues and maybe even with your peers about the right tools to invest in now, because it is an investment process.”

Tony Yangxu, CEO of Huawei Ireland, added: “Achieving the world’s sustainability goals will be helped by digital technologies. We believe that sustainability also relies on some of the digital technology capabilities and Huawei would like to be part of this big agenda.”


Words by Jenny Darmody