As the talent gap in tech shows little sign of closing, it becomes more and more imperative that we come up with alternative methods. Bank of America Merrill Lynch may be on the right track.

The talent gap in tech is the subject of much discourse, as leading companies across the globe recognise that gap and strive to find a way to bridge it.

“There is a significant demand for high-skilled, work-ready talent in technology jobs in the sector, and it’s a sector where the market is not keeping up with demand,” said Robert Cahill, MD of operations technology production support at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML).

At BofAML, one obvious step to growing the talent pool is to get children interested in STEM from a young age. The firm recently ran an event in Dublin designed to encourage primary-age students to consider tech as a career path.

Words by Kirsty Tobin